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ASIA/PHILIPPINES - A missionary: the country wants a president who respects the dignity of all

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Posted on: 05/12/16
Manila - "It is the failure of the government in serving the citizens to give consent and popularity to extremists and violent people. For example, to obtain a registration document of a vehicle at the headquarters of the Land Transportation Office will take three inexplicable months. To have a document prepared by a government agency takes months": says, in a note sent to Fides, Fr. Shay Cullen, a missionary of St. Columba, who has been living in the Philippines since 1969 and is known for his social and pastoral commitment thanks to "PREDA" Foundation.
Among the people, says the missionary, there is "strong dissatisfaction towards the governing elite or towards some public officials who abuse women and children but escape justice due to the decisions of a few corrupt judges". These feelings of frustration, in the face of phenomena such as corruption, indifference and inaction of the state in the relationship with citizens, are at the basis of the vote which saw the victory of newly-elected president Rodrigo Duterte in the elections held on May 9.
Fr. Cullen traces the identikit and offers his best wishes to the new head of state: "The ideal leader of a country aspires to be caring, compassionate and respects the rights and dignity of all. The vast majority of the Filipinos are good people: intelligent, compassionate, caring, loving and full of a spirit of sacrifice. They want a president who protects human rights, has the concern to act for children who are abused, compassion for the poor and is a person of integrity, free from scandals and faithful in family life". "May the president - he concludes - have faith in the dignity of the human person and authentic love for this beautiful but suffering country, and may he act for justice, leaving aside all forms of violence and greed".


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