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AMERICA/CHILE - Mgr. Infanti: "The crisis in Chiloé is not only an economic problem, but social"

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Posted on: 05/12/16
Aysén - The demand for fishermen "not to fall into the temptation to sell their conscience for a few thousand pesos that will be only bread for today and misery for tomorrow" is what the Apostolic Vicar of Aysen, His Exc. Mgr. Luigi Infanti della Mora said during an interview with Radio Bio Bio, sent to Fides. The Bishop stressed that what is happening in Chiloé, that is to say the protest of the fishermen and other population groups against the provisions of the government that ban fishing after the "red tide", paralyzing all local economic activities , is actually a chain of problems, perhaps caused by the presence of foreign companies that operate only through predatory exploitation.
Mgr. Infanti called on the Chiloe people not to look only at the current problem, but what is to come. "Providing solutions for the moment, which are ephemeral, I think only do great harm to the same policy of the country", said the Bishop, pointing out that the current crisis is not only an economic problem, but social, which has damaged the family, social relationships, the cultural traditions of Chiloé and all the peoples of the south that live off marine resources.
Last night, President Bachelet, speaking from Stockholm, said: "I am closely following the problem and I insist on dialogue between the parties". Meanwhile, the government has authorized the payment of 1,781 subsidies that correspond to the number of artisanal fishermen affected by the "red tide", but the main problem is how many, according to the government, do not meet the requirements.


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